Our Story

We are a team of independent filmmakers at Stella Mar Films who also lead pilgrimages to Medjugorje through Stella Mar Pilgrimages. All three of us would never have imagined that our filmmaking careers would bring us back to Medjugorje for years to come. 

It's been such an exciting journey, and full of surprises. We are thrilled to finally launch this Medjugorje online store that will support our Medjugorje projects! Our work is mostly creative, and our passion projects often require us to crowdfund. We are always thinking of our supporters and other ways we can support our Medjugorje passion projects! 

After working on the Medjugorje documentary Apparition Hill, we set off on a tour to share it all over the nation. We met people who wanted to journey back with us there. One of our favorite things about this filmmaking journey was getting involved with pilgrimages. We ourselves get to be pilgrims with all those who join our pilgrimages and climb the hills, hear testimonies, and be reinvigorated to continue this work! Our Lady Queen of Peace is our guide and for that reason our main focus has always been to draw people to Her. She does the rest. Finding out about Medjugorje has changed our lives for the better and we hope that our work can help more people know about this miraculous and spiritual place. 

The following are some of the many free things we offer to the world through our work: 

Queen of Peace eNewsletter - Over 40,000 subscribers around the world receive the Medjugorje messages as soon as they come out, along with breaking news from Medjugorje, free online videos by Stella Mar Films, and more. You can also subscribe to our
 youtube and vimeo channels, to see monthly apparition videos and interviews from Medjugorje.

MedjugorjeLive - Features the latest news and videos about Medjugorje, plus archival articles and past news about the shrine.

iMedjugorje - Every pilgrim has a story! We created iMedjugorje to help their stories come to life as a testament to what many believe is the most important spiritual event since the time of Christ. Our goal is to continue documenting these stories, photographing the pilgrims, and publishing the articles on the site.

One of our more recent tech launches was a new app - iMedjugorje App - created to enhance the pilgrimage experience of those traveling to Medjugorje. Through the support of our Apostles of Love community (join today), the iMedjugorje app is available for FREE for anyone to download to their mobile device!

And finally, if you feel a desire to go to Medjugorje but do not have the means, first you must pray. We work hard to give out one Free Medjugorje Pilgrimage for each of our scheduled Stella Mar pilgrimages! Also, the first priest to sign up for each of our pilgrimages goes for free. It's such a special pilgrimage and one of the best gifts to give anyone you love. We love having young people with us, many given the gift of a pilgrimage from their grandparents. 


 The items you will find in our store are special to us and items we often bring back from Medjugorje as gifts for our friends and those who support our work. We wanted to bring back tools to help us keep growing more spiritually!

All of the apparel you will see at Medjugorje.us was designed by us and showcases famous Medjugorje sights and Our Lady Queen of Peace. We are also inspired by other saints and often design apparel with some of our patron saints. 

Some of our discounts this holiday season include:

$10 OFF at Stella Mar Films and Medjugorje.us with code: BLACKFRIDAY

$100 OFF any 2020 Stella Mar Pilgrimage!