Risen Christ Statue - Medjugorje

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These small replicas of the Risen Christ Statue seen in Medjugorje come in two sizes. There is a small magnet that secures the Resurrected Christ upright. This is a unique image of the Risen Christ for a home altar.
History of the Risen Christ Statue:
“The Resurrection”, sculpted by Andrej Ajdic and presented to Pope John Paul II on the occasion of his Papal Visit to Slovenia in 1996.
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the apparition of the Blessed Mother, Queen of Peace, a 30-foot bronze replica of Ajdic’s “The Resurrection” was erected behind St. James Church. A day or two after the anniversary, around June 25-26, 2001, pilgrims started noticing that the statue was visibly oozing clear fluid.
Today millions of pilgrims gather at the feet of the statue in Medjugorje.


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